Mac OS X to the Max: Unix Resources

Using Unix proficiently will require some additional learning?Unix is a very complex and sophisticated tool that you should become familiar with to master Mac OS X. In this part of this chapter, you will learn the keyboard shortcuts that will help you use the Terminal application more efficiently. You will also find references to Web sites and books that can help you learn Unix in more depth.

Using Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts

Table 9.1 lists keyboard shortcuts for the Terminal application.

Table 9.1. Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts
Action Shortcut
Enter Selection graphics/symbol.gif+E
Find Next graphics/symbol.gif+G
Find graphics/symbol.gif+F
Find Previous graphics/symbol.gif+D
Jump to Selection graphics/symbol.gif+J
Line Down graphics/symbol.gif+Down arrow
Line Up graphics/symbol.gif+Up arrow
New Command Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+N
New Shell graphics/symbol.gif+N
Next Page Spacebar
Next Terminal graphics/symbol.gif+Right arrow
Previous Terminal graphics/symbol.gif+Left arrow
Save Selected Text As Option+Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+S
Save Text As Option+graphics/symbol.gif+S
Send Break graphics/symbol.gif+.
Set Title Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+T
Show Info graphics/symbol.gif+I

Learning Unix

The following bulleted list describes Web sites for learning more about Unix:


    Site name: Unix System Administration Independent Learning. An online course about administering Unix.


    Site name: A Course in the Unix Operating System. Another online Unix course.


    Site name: Unixhelp for Users. A nicely organized and fairly extensive reference site.


    Site name: SOO/STRC Unix Resources. A page containing links to other Unix learning sites.


    Site name: Rice University IT Document Index/. An archive of various PDF docs; there are many on various aspects of Unix.

The following list describes some recommended books for learning more about Unix:

  • Sams Teach Yourself Unix in 10 Minutes

    Author: William Ray. Good "fast and easy" entry into the world of Unix.

  • Sams Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours, Second Edition

    Authors: Dave Taylor and James C. Armstrong, Jr. Contains 24 one-hour lessons to get you into Unix.

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Unix

    Author: Bill Wagner. Friendly approach to Unix; good if you prefer a less-structured approach than the Sams Teach Yourself books.

  • Special Edition Using Unix, Third Edition

    Author: Peter Kuo. A comprehensive Unix reference. This is a good resource to have when you become comfortable with Unix and want to explore it in great detail.

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