Configuring Your Address Book

You can configure several aspects of the Address Book by using its Preferences dialog.

  1. Choose Address Book, Preferences. You will see the Address Book Preferences window (see Figure 12.10).

    Figure 12.10. The Address Book Preferences dialog enables you to configure Address Book.


  2. Click the General tab if it is not selected already.

  3. Use the radio buttons in the Display Order area to choose how you want names to be displayed (your choices are "First name Last name" or "Last name First name").

  4. Choose the attribute by which you want the Name column to be sorted on the Sort By pop-up menu. Your choices are Last Name or First Name.

  5. Use the Address Format pop-up menu to choose the default format for addresses. You can choose the standard for many different nations.

  6. Choose your font size on the Font Size pop-up menu. Your choices are Regular, Large, or Extra Large.

  7. Choose the vcard format you want to use by clicking the appropriate vCard Format radio button.

  8. Close the Preferences dialog.


Address Book can also work with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directories that can provide address information over a network. Such directories will appear when you select the Directories icon in the Group column. You can add directories to your Address Book by using the LDAP tab of the Preferences window. Explaining how to use such directories is beyond the scope of this chapter. If you need help, see the Administrator of the network that is providing the directory to you.

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