Max OS X to the Max: E-Mail Away

In this section, you will learn where Mail and Address Book information is stored and you will find keyboard shortcuts for the Address Book and for Mail.

Understanding Where Your Mail and Address Book Information Is Stored

Mail stores all your e-mail in the location username/Library/Mail, where username is your short username. In this folder, you will find the following:

  • A folder for each of the accounts you have configured in Mail. Within each accounts folder, you will see the Inbox, a Drafts folder, and support files for that account.

  • The Mailboxes folder that contains each mailbox you have created. If you have nested mailboxes, the inclusive mailbox will appear as a folder.

  • Your mailing sort, signature, and other preferences files.


The filename extension for a mailbox is .mbox. The filename extension for preference files is .plist.

Your Address Book is stored in the location username/Library/Application Support/ AddressBook/, where username is your short username.

Using Address Book Keyboard Shortcuts

Table 12.2 shows keyboard shortcuts for the Address Book application.

Table 12.2. Keyboard Shortcuts for the Address Book
Action Keyboard Shortcut
Edit Card graphics/symbol.gif+L
Hide Address Book graphics/symbol.gif+H
Import vCards graphics/symbol.gif+I
Minimize Address Book Window graphics/symbol.gif+M
Move Between Fields Tab and Shift+Tab on an Address Card
New Card graphics/symbol.gif+N
New Group Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+N
Next Card graphics/symbol.gif+]
Previous Card graphics/symbol.gif+[
View Card and Columns graphics/symbol.gif+1
View Card Only graphics/symbol.gif+2
View Directories graphics/symbol.gif+3

Using Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Table 12.3 shows keyboard shortcuts for the Mail application.

Table 12.3. Keyboard Shortcuts for Mail
Action Keyboard Shortcut
Add Reply-To Header Option+graphics/symbol.gif+R
Add Sender to Address Book graphics/symbol.gif+Y
Append Selected Messages Shift graphics/symbol.gif+I
Apply Bcc Header Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+B
Apply Rules to Selection Option+graphics/symbol.gif+L
Attach File Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+A
Bigger graphics/symbol.gif+
Bounce to Sender Option+graphics/symbol.gif+B
Check Spelling graphics/symbol.gif+;
Copy Style Option+graphics/symbol.gif+C
Decrease Quote Level Option+graphics/symbol.gif+'
Delete Delete
Erase Deleted Messages graphics/symbol.gif+K
Find Messages Option+graphics/symbol.gif+F
Find Next graphics/symbol.gif+G
Find Previous graphics/symbol.gif+D
Find Text graphics/symbol.gif+F
Forward Message Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+F
Get New Mail Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+N
Hide Deleted Messages graphics/symbol.gif+L
Hide/Show Drawer Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+M
Hide/Show Status bar Option+graphics/symbol.gif+S
Increase Quote Level graphics/symbol.gif+'
Jump to Selection graphics/symbol.gif+J
Make Plain Test Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+T
Mark As Flagged Option+graphics/symbol.gif+G
Mark As Junk Mail Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+J
Mark As Unread/Mark As Read Option+graphics/symbol.gif+M
New Message graphics/symbol.gif+N
New Viewer Window Option+graphics/symbol.gif+N
Next Alternative graphics/symbol.gif+]
Paste As Quotation Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+V
Paste Style Option+graphics/symbol.gif+V
Plain Text Alternative Option+graphics/symbol.gif+P
Preferences Option+graphics/symbol.gif+;
Previous Alternative graphics/symbol.gif+[
Redirect Message Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+E
Reply to All Recipients Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+R
Reply to Sender graphics/symbol.gif+R
Reply With iChat Option+graphics/symbol.gif+I
Save As Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+S
Save As Draft graphics/symbol.gif+S
Send Message Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+D
Show Activity Viewer graphics/symbol.gif+0
Show Addresses Option+graphics/symbol.gif+A
Show All Headers Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+H
Show Colors Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+C
Show Draft graphics/symbol.gif+3
Show Fonts graphics/symbol.gif+T
Show In graphics/symbol.gif+1
Show Junk graphics/symbol.gif+6
Show Out graphics/symbol.gif+2
Show Sent graphics/symbol.gif+4
Show Trash graphics/symbol.gif+5
Show Raw Source Option+graphics/symbol.gif+U
Smaller graphics/symbol.gif+-
Spelling graphics/symbol.gif+:
Transfer to mailbox again Option+graphics/symbol.gif+T
Use Selection for Find graphics/symbol.gif+E

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