Mac OS X to the Max: Web Creation Software

Unless you create Web pages using only the templates provided by the hosting service you use, you need some sort of application to create the pages and site that you are going to put on the Net. There are many options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the options you have are the following:

  • Adobe GoLive This a sophisticated Web page design and management application that enables you to do just about anything you would ever need to. You can use its graphical tools to create code or punch the code in yourself. It also integrates well with the other Adobe applications (which you are likely to use when creating your pages). If you use other Adobe applications, GoLive can be an especially good choice because you will already be familiar with most of its interface conventions. Download a demo and find out more about it at

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver This is another high-end Web development package and competes directly with GoLive. Both applications are quite popular, so you might want to explore both to see which you prefer. They offer similar sets of tools but completely different interfaces so which one you will end up using is largely personal preference. To download a demo and learn more about Dreamweaver, visit

  • Bare Bones Software BBEdit Unlike the first two in this list, BBEdit approaches Web development from its roots. This application is primarily a text editor that has grown into a Web development tool. It is designed for those who like to hand-code their sites, and who believe that such sites are better because the underlying code is cleaner than the code produced by tools that automate the process. You can also use the application to do word processing. Check it out at

  • Microsoft Office The ubiquitous Office suite also can save files as HTML. Although its tools are more limited than some of the other options, you probably already have a copy of Office. And the sites you can create with Office are certainly passable (although purists claim that the code generated by Office is messy). You can learn more at

  • TextEdit Yes, you can create Web pages by manually coding all the HTML yourself using a basic text editor. But why would you want to?

  • Just about any other application Many applications enable you to save your documents as HTML files. The results are variable; sometimes these files work well and sometimes they are a complete mess. However, check your favorite application to see how it does. Creating Web pages might be as easy as choosing Save As.

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