Taking Advantage of DVD on the Mac

There are two purposes for which you can put DVD technology to use on your Mac. The first is to enjoy all the great content that is available in the DVD format, that being everything from your favorite movies and TV shows to documentaries and music videos. Any Mac OS X Macintosh that includes a DVD-ROM drive can display DVD discs through the DVD Player application. The second, and even more fascinating, way to benefit from DVD is by creating your own DVDs that you can view on the DVD player in your Mac or on most standard DVD players that you use to view DVD content via a television or home theater system. Macs equipped with a DVD-R drive, such as Apple's SuperDrive, can use the amazing iDVD application to place content on DVDs. The DVDs you create with iDVD can include motion menus and other great effects so that they act just like the latest DVDs from Hollywood. You can place movies you create with iMovie, QuickTime movies, slide shows, and other content on DVD just by dragging and dropping. You can create slide show content using iDVD too.

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