My Second Monitor Doesn't Work

When I install and connect a second monitor, it remains dark when I restart my Mac. Why isn't the second monitor working?

Isolate the problem to the graphics card or the monitor by connecting the monitor that is working to the second graphics card and the monitor that isn't working to the first card.

If the second monitor (now connected to the original graphics card) works, but the other monitor does not, you know that the problem is related to the graphics card. The most likely cause is an incompatible card. Check the manufacturer's Web site to make sure that card is supported on Mac OS X. Download and install any updated drivers for that card. Finally, make sure that the card is properly seated in the PCI slot.

If the second monitor doesn't work when it is connected to the original graphics card, you know the problem lies with the monitor itself.

I Can't Print Under Classic

When I try to print from a Classic application, errors are generated and I am not able to print.

First, make sure that you have installed the printer software under the Classic environment you are using. Next, make sure that printer is selected in the Classic Chooser.

If you still can't print, you will have to restart in Mac OS 9 and print from there.

I Don't See a ColorSync Profile for My Device

I don't see a profile for a specific device that I want to use. How do I obtain the correct profile?

For you to be able to choose a profile for a device, that profile has to be installed. It should have been installed when you installed that device's software. However, if it wasn't, check the Web site for the manufacturer of the device. Locate a ColorSync profile and download it. Install it in the Library/ColorSync/Profiles directory in your Home directory.

If you still can't find a profile, the profile might be damaged. Run the ColorSync Utility (Applications/Utilities) to verify and repair your profiles.

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