Welcome to Mac Os X

After reading Chapter 1, "Mac OS X: Foundations," you understand a bit about Mac OS X, such as its features, architecture, and so on. Now it's time to start using it! The functions you'll explore in this chapter are fundamental to your use of Mac OS X.

If you have not yet installed Mac OS X, before you go any further in this chapter, read Appendix A, "Installing and Maintaining Mac OS X," to get help installing the OS and setting up an administrator user account. When you have worked through the tasks in that appendix, come back here.

If you have already installed Mac OS X, you have probably already started using it; you have created at least one user account because that is part of installing the OS. This chapter will help you get a better understanding of user accounts and learn how to customize the startup process.

    Part I: Mac OS X: Exploring the Core
    Part III: Mac OS X: Living the Digital Life