Working with the Finder Window's Action Pop-Up Menu


One of the new default icons on the Finder window toolbar is the Action pop-up menu (see Figure 3.17). This menu provides access to context-sensitive commands, which means that commands on the menu depend on the item you have selected on the desktop. For example, when you select a folder and open the menu, you see commands including New Folder, Get Info, Color Label, Duplicate, Make Alias, Create Archive, Copy, and Show View Options. If you select a file and open the menu, you see New Folder, Open, Open With, Get Info, Color Label, Move to Trash, Duplicate, Create Alias, Create Archive, and Copy.

Figure 3.17. The commands on the Action pop-up menu change depending on the items you have selected.



As you probably suspect, the commands on the Action pop-up menu are the same as the commands on an item's contextual menu, which you can open by pointing to an item, holding down the Control key, and clicking the item (or right-clicking the item if you use a two-button mouse).

To use a command on the menu, select the item on which you want to use the command, open the menu, and select the command you want to use.

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