Connecting to the Internet

The Internet is one of the most significant social and economic movements?it is a movement as much as it is technology?in human history. In just a few years, the Internet (or more simply, the Net) moved from an obscure scientific and government computer network to become a dominant means of global and local communication, commerce, entertainment, and information. Fortunately, Mac OS X has equipped you to make the most of the Net.

Finding, installing, and configuring an Internet account can be complex. You can use many technologies to connect to the Net, and you can obtain an Internet account from thousands of Internet service providers (ISPs).

The general steps to connect your Mac to the Internet are the following:

  1. Determine the technology you will use to connect to the Internet.

  2. Find an ISP and obtain an account.

  3. Install and configure the modem or other hardware you need.

  4. Configure your Mac to connect to the account you have established.

  5. Test your configuration and troubleshoot any problems you find.

Depending on how you are going to connect to the Net, you might have to do most of these steps yourself or your ISP might handle them for you?at least for the initial installation and configuration. Even if your ISP handles the initial configuration for you, you will need to understand how to reconfigure your Mac when the inevitable happens and you have to reinstall the system, move your account to another Mac, and so on.

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