The Digital Camera Is Not Recognized by Image Capture or iPhoto

When I connect a digital camera to my Mac, neither Image Capture nor iPhoto recognizes the camera, so I can't download images.

This situation occurs when Mac OS X does not support the camera you are using, most likely because your camera does not use PTP. In this case, you can try two options:

  • Obtain Mac OS X?compatible software for your camera and use that to download images? If your camera does not support PTP, you must use its own software to download images.

  • If you can, start up in Mac OS 9 and use the camera's Mac OS 9 software to download images? Assuming your camera does offer Mac-compatible software, you can always restart under Mac OS 9 and use that version of the software to download images from the camera. Periodically check the manufacturer's Web site to see whether Mac OS X software is available.

In some rare cases, a cable or hardware problem might exist. Use the Apple System Profiler to ensure that your Mac is capable of communicating with the camera.

To learn how to use the System Profiler, see "Using the System Profiler to Create a System Profile," p. 920.

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