Working with Output Devices

Your Mac's output devices determine how the data you are manipulating appears and sounds to you and, in the case of a printer, to the world. Using high-quality output devices can make your Mac experience more enjoyable and productive.

In this chapter, you will learn about the following output devices:

  • Monitors

  • Speakers

  • Printers

In addition to these hardware items, you will also learn about a significant output mechanism that isn't hardware: Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF offers many benefits; the most important is that you can distribute electronic versions of your documents?the viewer does not have to have the same application or fonts you used to create the document to be able to view the document. The PDF appears to the viewer just as it does on your computer. Even better, support for creating PDF documents is built in to Mac OS X.

Finally, because color is such an important part of Mac OS X, you will learn about synchronizing color across multiple output devices.

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    Part III: Mac OS X: Living the Digital Life