About Flash file types

About Flash file types

Dreamweaver comes with Flash objects you can use whether you have Flash installed on your computer or not. If you have Flash, see Working with Flash for information about using these applications in an integrated manner.

Before you use the Flash commands available in Dreamweaver, you should know about the different Flash file types:

The Flash file (.fla) is the source file for any project and is created in the Flash program. This type of file can only be opened in Flash (not in Dreamweaver or in browsers). You can open the Flash file in Flash, then export it as an SWF or SWT file to use in browsers.

The Flash SWF file (.swf) is a compressed version of the Flash (.fla) file, optimized for viewing on the web. This file can be played back in browsers and previewed in Dreamweaver, but cannot be edited in Flash. This is the type of file you create when using the Flash button and Flash text objects. For more information, see Inserting and modifying a Flash button object, Inserting a Flash text object, and Inserting Flash content.

The Flash template files (.swt) enable you to modify and replace information in a Flash SWF file. These files are used in the Flash button object, which lets you modify the template with your own text or links, to create a custom SWF to insert in your document. In Dreamweaver, these template files can be found in the Dreamweaver/Configuration/Flash Objects/Flash Buttons and Flash Text folders.

You can download new button templates from the Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver website (www.macromedia.com/go/dreamweaver_exchange) and place them in your Flash Buttons folder. For more information on creating new button templates, see the article on that topic at www.macromedia.com/go/flash_buttons.

The Flash element file (.swc) is a Flash SWF file that lets you create Rich Internet applications by incorporating them in a web page. Flash elements have customizable parameters that you can modify to perform different application functions. For more information, see Inserting Flash elements and Editing Flash element attributes.

The Flash Video file format (.flv) is a video file that contains encoded audio and video data for delivery through Flash Player. For example, if you had a QuickTime or Windows Media video file, you would use an encoder (such as Flash 8 Video Encoder, or Sorensen Squeeze) to convert the video file to an FLV file. For more information, visit the Flash Video Developer Center at www.macromedia.com/go/flv_devcenter.

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