Inserting a Flash Video

Inserting a Flash Video

You can use Dreamweaver to insert Flash Video content in your pages. You must have an encoded Flash Video (FLV) file before you begin. For more information, see About Flash file types.

To insert Flash Video in a web page:

  1. Select Insert > Media > Flash Video.
  2. In the Insert Flash Video dialog box, select Progressive Download or Streaming Video from the Video Type pop-up menu.

    For more information on these two options, see About inserting Flash Video.

  3. Complete the rest of the dialog box options.

    For more information, click the Help button in the dialog box.

    You can select an option that inserts code that detects the Flash Player version required to view the Flash Video and that prompts the user to download the latest version of Flash Player if they don’t have the correct version. For more information, see Detecting the Flash Player version to view the Flash Video.

  4. Click OK.

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