Inserting FlashPaper documents

Inserting FlashPaper documents

You can insert Macromedia FlashPaper documents in your web pages. When a page containing the FlashPaper document is opened in a browser, the user can browse all the pages in the FlashPaper document without loading new web pages. The user can also search the document, print it, and zoom in or out.

For more information on FlashPaper, see the Macromedia website at

To insert a FlashPaper document in a web page:

  1. In the Document window, place the insertion point where you want the FlashPaper document to appear on your page, and then select Insert > Media > FlashPaper.
  2. In the Insert FlashPaper dialog box, browse to and select a FlashPaper document.
  3. If you want, specify the dimensions of the FlashPaper object on the web page by entering a width and height in pixels.

    FlashPaper will scale the document to fit the width.

  4. Click OK to insert the document in the page.

    Because a FlashPaper document is a Flash object, a Flash placeholder appears on the page.

  5. To preview the FlashPaper document, click the placeholder and then click the Play button in the Property inspector.

    Click Stop to end the preview. You can also preview the document in a browser by pressing F12. The FlashPaper toolbar is fully functional in the browser.

  6. If you want, set other properties in the Property inspector.

    As a Flash object, the FlashPaper object shares the Flash object’s Property inspector. For information on setting the properties, click the Help button in the Property inspector.

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