Setting Flash object properties

Setting Flash object properties

The Property inspector for Flash objects--button and text objects generated in Dreamweaver--initially displays the most commonly used properties. Click the expander arrow in the lower-right corner to see more properties.

Name specifies the name to identify the button for scripting. Enter a name in the unlabeled text box on the far left side of the Property inspector.

W and H specify the width and height of the object, in pixels.

File specifies the path to the Flash object file. Click the folder icon to browse to a file, or type a path.

Edit opens the Flash object dialog box for edits to the selected Flash object.

Reset Size resets the selected object to the original size.

V Space and H Space specify the number of pixels of white space above, below, and on both sides of the button.

Quality sets the quality parameter for the object and embed tags that define the button. Flash content looks better with a high setting, but it requires a faster processor to render correctly on the screen. Low emphasizes speed over appearance, whereas High favors appearance over speed. Auto Low emphasizes speed at first, but improves appearance when possible. Auto High emphasizes both qualities at first, but sacrifices appearance for speed if necessary.

Scale sets the scale parameter for the object and embed tags that define the button or text object. This parameter defines how the Flash content displays within the area defined for the SWF file by the width and height values. The choices are Default (Show All), No Border, and Exact Fit. Show All makes the entire SWF file visible in the specified area, maintaining the aspect ratio of the SWF file and preventing distortion; borders of the background color may appear on two sides of the SWF file. No Border is similar to Show All, except portions of the SWF file may be cropped. With Exact Fit, the entire SWF file fills the specified area, but the aspect ratio of the SWF file is not maintained and distortion may occur.

Align defines how the object is aligned on the page. For a description of each option, see Aligning an image.

Bg specifies a background color for the object.

Play/Stop lets you preview the Flash object in the Document window. Click the green Play button to see the object in Play mode; click the red Stop button to stop the object from playing and be able to edit it.

Parameters opens a dialog box for entering additional parameters (see Using parameters to control media objects).

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