Applying behaviors to images

Applying behaviors to images

You can apply any available behavior to an image or image hotspot. When you apply a behavior to a hotspot, Dreamweaver inserts the HTML source code into the area tag. Three behaviors apply specifically to images: Preload Images, Swap Image, and Swap Image Restore.

Preload Images loads images that do not appear on the page right away (such as those that will be swapped in with behaviors, layers, or JavaScript) into the browser cache. This prevents delays caused by downloading when it is time for the images to appear. (See Preload Images.)

Swap Image swaps one image for another by changing the SRC attribute of the img tag. Use this action to create button rollovers and other image effects (including swapping more than one image at a time). (See Swap Image.)

Swap Image Restore restores the last set of swapped images to their previous source files. This action is automatically added whenever you attach the Swap Image action to an object by default; you should never need to select it manually. (See Swap Image Restore.)

You can also use behaviors to create more sophisticated navigation systems, such as a navigation bar or a jump menu. (See Using navigation bars and Inserting jump menus.)

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