Setting and changing fonts and styles

Setting and changing fonts and styles

Use options in the Property inspector or the Text menu to set or change font characteristics for selected text. You can set the font type, style (such as bold or italic), and size.

To set or change font characteristics:

  1. Select the text. If no text is selected, the change applies to subsequent text you type.
  2. Select from the following options:
    • To change the font, select a font combination from the Property inspector or from the Text > Font submenu.

      Select Default to remove previously applied fonts; Default applies the default font for the selected text (either the browser default font or the font assigned to that tag in the CSS style sheet).

    • To change the font style, click Bold or Italic in the Property inspector, or select a font style (Bold, Italic, Underline, and so on) from the Text > Style submenu.
    • To change the font size, select a size (1 through 7) from the Property inspector or from the Text > Size submenu.

      HTML font sizes are relative, not specific, point sizes. Users set the point size of the default font for their browsers; this is the font size that they will see when you select Default or 3 in the Property inspector or Text > Size submenu. Sizes 1 and 2 will appear smaller than the default font size; sizes 4 through 7 will appear larger. Also, fonts generally look larger in Windows than on the Macintosh, though Macintosh Internet Explorer 5 uses the same default font size as Windows.

    • To increase or decrease the size of selected text, select a relative size (+ or –1 to + 4 or –3) from the Property inspector or from either the Text > Size Change submenu.

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