Adding text to a document

Adding text to a document

To add text to a Dreamweaver document, you can type text directly in the Dreamweaver Document window, or you can cut and paste. You can also import text from other documents (see Importing tabular data documents, and Importing Microsoft Office documents (Windows only)).

When you paste text into a Dreamweaver document, you can use either the Paste or the Paste Special command. The Paste Special command lets you specify the format of pasted text in different ways. For example, if you wanted to paste text from a formatted Microsoft Word document into your Dreamweaver document, but wanted to strip out all of the formatting so that you could apply your own CSS style sheet to the pasted text, you could select the text in Word, copy it to your Clipboard, and use the Paste Special command to select the option that lets you paste text only.

Additionally, when using the Paste command to paste text from other applications, you can set paste preferences as default options. For more information, see Setting copy/paste preferences.

To add text to your document, do one of the following:

  • Type text directly into the Document window.
  • Copy text from another application, switch to Dreamweaver, position the insertion point in the Design view of the Document window, and select Edit > Paste or Edit > Paste Special.

    When you select Edit > Paste Special, a dialog box provides you with several paste formatting options. For more information, click the Help button in the dialog box.

    You can also paste text using the following keyboard shortcuts:

    Paste option

    Keyboard shortcut


    Control+V (Windows)

    Command+V (Macintosh)

    Paste Special

    Control+Shift+V (Windows)

    Command+Shift+V (Macintosh)

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