Importing Microsoft Office documents (Windows only)

Importing Microsoft Office documents (Windows only)

You can insert the full contents of a Microsoft Word or Excel document in a new or existing web page. When you import a Word or Excel document, Dreamweaver receives the converted HTML and inserts it into your web page. The file’s size, after Dreamweaver receives the converted HTML, must be less than 300K.

To insert a Word or Excel document into a new or existing web page:

  1. Open the web page into which you want to insert the Word or Excel document.
  2. Make sure you are in Design view. If you aren’t, click the Design View button.
  3. Do one of the following to select the file:
    • Drag the file from its current location to the page where you want the content to appear. When the Insert Document dialog box appears, set options and click OK. For more information, click the Help button in the dialog box.
    • Select File > Import > Word Document or File > Import > Excel Document. In the Import Document dialog box, browse to the file you want to add, select formatting options at the bottom of the dialog box, and then click Open.

      The formatting options are as follows:

      Text Only lets you insert unformatted text. If the original text is formatted, all formatting will be removed.

      Text with Structure lets you insert text that retains structure, but does not retain basic formatting. For example, you can paste text and retain the structure of paragraphs, lists, and tables, without retaining bold, italics, and other formatting.

      Text with Structure Plus Basic Formatting lets you insert both structured and simple HTML-formatted text (e.g., paragraphs and tables, as well as text formatted with the b, i, u, strong, em, hr, abbr, or acronym tag).

      Text with Structure Plus Full Formatting lets you insert text that retains all structure, HTML formatting, and CSS styles.

      Clean Up Word Paragraph Spacing lets you eliminate extra space between paragraphs when you paste your text if you selected Text with Structure or Basic Formatting.

    The contents of the Word or Excel document appear in your page.

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