Inserting a link to a Word or Excel document

Inserting a link to a Word or Excel document

You can insert a link to a Microsoft Word or Excel document in an existing page.

To create a link to a Word or Excel document:

  1. Open the page where you want the link to appear.
  2. Drag the file from its current location to your Dreamweaver page, positioning the link wherever you want.

    The Insert Document dialog box appears.

  3. Select Create a Link, and then click OK.
  4. If the document you are linking to is located outside of your site’s root folder, Dreamweaver prompts you to copy the document to the site root.

    By copying the document to the site’s root folder, you ensure that the document will be available when you publish the website.

  5. When you upload your page to your web server, make sure to upload the Word or Excel file, too.

Your page now contains a link to the Word or Excel document. The link text is the name of the linked file; to change the link text, see Managing links.

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