Setting spelling options

Setting spelling options

Use the Check Spelling command in the Text menu to check the spelling in the current document.

To check and correct spelling:

  1. Select Text > Check Spelling or press Shift+F7.

    When Dreamweaver encounters an unrecognized word the Check Spelling dialog box appears.

  2. Select the appropriate option based on how you want the discrepancy handled:

    Add to Personal adds the unrecognized word to your personal dictionary.

    Ignore ignores this instance of the unrecognized word.

    Ignore All ignores all instances of the unrecognized word.

    Change replaces this instance of the unrecognized word with text that you type in the Change To text box or with the selection in the Suggestions list.

    Change All replaces all instances of the unrecognized word in the same manner.

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