Setting the Attach External Style Sheet dialog box options

Setting the Attach External Style Sheet dialog box options

Use the Attach External Style Sheet dialog box to select and attach a CSS style sheet to the current document.

To attach an external style sheet to the current document:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click Browse to browse to an external CSS style sheet.
    • Type the path to the style sheet in the File/URL box.
  2. In Add As, select one of the options:
    • To create a link between the current document and an external style sheet, select Link. This creates a link href tag in the HTML code, and references the URL where the published style sheet is located. This method is supported by both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
    • You cannot use a link tag to add a reference from one external style sheet to another. If you want to nest style sheets, you must use an import directive. Some but not all browsers also recognize the import directive within a page (rather than just within style sheets). There are subtle differences in how conflicting properties are resolved when overlapping rules exist within external style sheets that are linked versus imported to a page. If you want to import, rather than link to, an external style sheet, select Import.
  3. In the Media pop-up menu, specify the target medium for the style sheet.

    For more information on media-dependent style sheets, see the World Wide Web Consortium website at

  4. Click the Preview button to verify that the style sheet applies the styles you want to the current page.

    If the styles applied are not what you expect them to be, click Cancel to remove the style sheet. The page will revert to its previous appearance.

  5. Click OK.

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