Jump Menu

Jump Menu

When you create a jump menu by using Insert > Form Objects > Jump Menu, Dreamweaver creates a menu object and attaches the Jump Menu (or Jump Menu Go) behavior to it. There is usually no need to attach the Jump Menu action to an object by hand. For information about jump menus and how to create them, see Jump menus.

You can edit an existing jump menu in either of two ways:

  • You can edit and rearrange menu items, change the files to jump to, and change the window in which those files open, by double-clicking an existing Jump Menu action in the Behaviors panel.
  • You can edit the items in the menu just as you would edit items in any menu, by selecting the menu and using the List Values button in the Property inspector. For more information, see Inserting HTML form menus.

To edit a jump menu using the Behaviors panel:

  1. Create a jump menu object if there isn’t one already in your document.
  2. Select the jump menu object and open the Behaviors panel.
  3. Double-click Jump Menu in the Actions column.
  4. Make changes as desired in the Jump Menu dialog box and then click OK.

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