Swap Image

Swap Image

The Swap Image action swaps one image for another by changing the src attribute of the img tag. Use this action to create button rollovers and other image effects (including swapping more than one image at a time). Inserting a rollover image automatically adds a Swap Image behavior to your page.

To use the Swap Image action:

  1. Select Insert > Image or click the Image button on the Insert bar to insert an image.
  2. In the Property inspector, enter a name for the image in the leftmost text box.

    The Swap Image action still works if you do not name your images; it names unnamed images automatically when you attach the behavior to an object. However, it is easier to distinguish images in the Swap Image dialog box if all of the images are named beforehand.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to insert additional images.
  4. Select an object (generally the image you’re going to swap) and open the Behaviors panel.
  5. Click the Plus (+) button and select Swap Image from the Actions pop-up menu.
  6. From the Images list, select the image whose source you want to change.
  7. Click Browse to select the new image file, or enter the path and filename of the new image in the Set Source To text box.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for any additional images you want to change. Use the same Swap Image action for all the images you want to change at once; otherwise, the corresponding Swap Image Restore action won’t restore all of them.
  9. Select the Preload Images option to load the new images into the browser’s cache when the page is loaded.

    This prevents delays caused by downloading when it is time for the images to appear.

  10. Click OK.
  11. Check that the default event is the one you want.

    If it isn’t, select another event from the pop-up menu. If the events you want are not listed, change the target browser in the Show Events For pop-up menu.

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