Optimizing your work environment for Fireworks and Flash

Optimizing your work environment for Fireworks and Flash

The key to developing a smoothly integrated workflow with Fireworks or Flash is to optimize your work environment.

To optimize your work environment for Fireworks and Flash:

  1. Make sure Design Notes are enabled for your Dreamweaver site.

    Design Notes are automatically enabled unless you alter your default site settings. For information about enabling Design Notes, see Enabling and disabling Design Notes for a site. For information on the role of Design Notes, see About Fireworks and Flash integration.

  2. To easily start Fireworks from Dreamweaver, set Fireworks as the primary external image editor for Dreamweaver.

    Set Fireworks as the primary editor for your graphic file types--GIF, PNG, and JPEG files. For more information, see Setting external image editor preferences.

  3. Save your Fireworks and Flash source and web-ready files in your defined Dreamweaver site folder.

    This ensures that any user sharing the site will be able to locate the source document when editing a Fireworks image or table or when editing a SWF movie while working in Dreamweaver.

  4. When exporting your Fireworks image files, export them to the Dreamweaver site folder.

    When you export a GIF or JPEG graphic from Fireworks to a Dreamweaver site folder, Fireworks creates a folder named _notes in the same folder. This folder contains the Design Notes that Dreamweaver needs to work with Fireworks.

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