Repeating steps

Repeating steps

You can use the History panel to repeat the last step you performed, repeat a series of adjacent steps, or repeat a series of nonadjacent steps. (For basic information about the History panel, see About the History panel.)

To repeat one step, do one of the following:

  • Select Edit > Redo.

    The name of this command changes in the Edit menu to reflect the last step you performed; for example, if you’ve just typed some text, the command name is Redo Typing.

  • In the History panel, select a step and click the Replay button.

    The step is replayed and a copy of it appears in the History panel.

To repeat a series of adjacent steps:

  1. Select steps in the History panel by doing one of the following:
    • Drag from one step to another. (Don’t drag the slider; just drag from the text label of one step to the text label of another step.)
    • Select the first step, then Shift-click the last step; or select the last step and then Shift-click the first step.

    The steps played are the steps that are selected (highlighted), not necessarily the step the slider currently points to.

  2. Click Replay.

    The steps are replayed in order, and a new step, Replay Steps, appears in the History panel.

To repeat nonadjacent steps:

  1. Select a step, then Control-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) other steps.

    You can also Control-click or Command-click to deselect a selected step.

  2. Click Replay.

    The selected steps are replayed in order, and a new step, labeled Replay Steps, appears in the History panel.

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