Previewing in a browser

Previewing in a browser

You can use Dreamweaver to preview and test your document in a browser.

To preview and test your document in a browser:

  1. Do one of the following to preview the page:
    • Select File > Preview in Browser, then select one of the listed browsers.
    • Press F12 (Windows) or Option+F12 (Macintosh) to display the current document in the primary browser.
    • Press Control+F12 (Windows) or Command+F12 (Macintosh) to display the current document in the secondary browser.
  2. Click links and test content in your page.

    In most cases, all browser-related functions work, including JavaScript behaviors, document-relative and absolute links, ActiveX controls, and Netscape Navigator plug-ins, provided that you have installed the required plug-ins or ActiveX controls in your browsers.

    If you use Internet Explorer on a Windows XP computer with Service Pack 2 installed, the browser may display a message that tells you it has restricted the file from showing active content. You can fix this problem by including Mark of the Web code in the file. For more information, see Previewing active content in Internet Explorer (Windows).

  3. Close the page in the browser when you finish testing.

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