What questions will users ask the database?

What questions will users ask the database?

After you become familiar with the proposed features of the web application, you sit down with the database users and pose the following question: "What questions will you ask the database?"

You learn from some of the aircraft shareholders that they want to ask the database the following questions:

  • How many occupied hours do I have left?
  • Is my aircraft available on a certain date or dates?

After a shareholder requests an aircraft, the employees in Flight Ops will ask the database the following questions:

  • Where does the shareholder want to go?
  • What is the itinerary--one way, return, multi-city? Flight Ops needs this information to start planning the flight (check weather forecasts, file flight plans, and so on) and to estimate the total occupied hours.
  • Does the shareholder have sufficient occupied hours remaining for the proposed itinerary?
  • When does the shareholder want to leave?
  • What is the shareholder’s plane?
  • Is the plane available for the proposed itinerary?
  • How many passengers will accompany the shareholders?
  • How much luggage will they bring--light (carry-on), normal (one suitcase per passenger), or heavy (more than one suitcase)?
  • What are the shareholder’s catering needs?
  • What is the occupied hourly fee for the plane?
  • Where can I contact the shareholder to confirm the flight and the fee estimate?

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