Building pages to delete a record (ASP and JSP)

Building pages to delete a record (ASP and JSP)

Your application can contain a page that lets users delete existing records in a database table. A delete page is usually a detail page working in tandem with a results page. The results page lets the user select a record to delete, then passes the choice to the delete page.

A delete page has four building blocks:

  • A filtered recordset to retrieve the record from a database table (see Retrieving the record to delete (ASP and JSP))
  • A read-only display of the data about to be deleted (see Displaying the data to be deleted (ASP and JSP))
  • A Submit button to send the delete command to the server (see Sending the delete command to the server (ASP and JSP))
  • A Delete Record server behavior to update the database table (see Deleting the record from the database table (ASP and JSP))

Related topics

  • Building a record insert page (ASP and JSP)
  • Building pages to update a record (ASP and JSP)

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