Setting the Callable (Stored Procedure) dialog box options

Setting the Callable (Stored Procedure) dialog box options

The purpose of this dialog box is to insert a stored procedure into your JSP page.

To set the dialog box options:

  1. Enter a name for the stored procedure.
  2. In the Connections pop-up menu, select a connection to the database containing the stored procedure.
  3. In the Database Items text box, expand the Stored Procedures branch, select the stored procedure from the list, and click the Procedure button.

    Dreamweaver automatically fills in the Callable Text and Variables boxes.

  4. Select the Returns Recordset Named checkbox, then enter a name for the recordset, if the stored procedure returns a recordset, and then click the Test button to see the recordset that the stored procedure returns.

    Dreamweaver runs the stored procedure and displays the recordset, if any.

After you close the Callable (Stored Procedure) dialog box, Dreamweaver inserts JSP code in your page that, when run on the server, calls a stored procedure in the database. The stored procedure in turn performs a database operation, such as inserting a record.

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