Setting the Go to Detail Page dialog box options (ASP and JSP)

Setting the Go to Detail Page dialog box options (ASP and JSP)

The purpose of this dialog box is to create a link that opens a detail page and passes a record ID so that the desired record can be found and displayed on the detail page. This server behavior is available only when working on ASP or JSP sites.

To set the dialog box options:

  1. In the Detail Page box, click Browse and locate the detail page.
  2. Specify the value you want to pass to the detail page by selecting a recordset and a column from the Recordset and Column pop-up menus.

    Typically the value is unique to the record, such as the record’s unique key ID.

  3. If desired, pass existing page parameters to the detail page by selecting the URL Parameters or Form Parameters options.
  4. Click OK.

Dreamweaver inserts a special link in the page. When the user clicks the link, a URL parameter containing the record ID is passed to the detail page.

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