Adding ASP.NET form controls to a page

Adding ASP.NET form controls to a page

You can use the visual design environment in Dreamweaver to add ASP.NET form controls to your page.

To add an ASP.NET form control to your page:

  1. Open an ASP.NET page in Design view (View > Design).
  2. Position the insertion point where you want the form control to appear on the page.

    Form controls must be inserted inside a form that has an runat='server' attribute in its tag. If your page does not have a form, Dreamweaver automatically creates one with a runat='server' attribute when you insert the first ASP.NET form control. If your page contains an HTML form, Dreamweaver automatically adds the runat='server' attribute to the existing form tag when you insert the first form control.

  3. In the ASP.NET category of the Insert bar, select the form control’s icon.
  4. Complete the control’s dialog box.

    For instructions, click the Help button on the dialog box. For more information on the properties of each control, see the documentation on the Microsoft website at

After you’re done, Dreamweaver inserts the form control on your page. If you want, click the control on the page and change any of the properties in the Property inspector.

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