Setting the asp:DropDownList dialog box options

Setting the asp:DropDownList dialog box options

Use this dialog box to set the properties of the form control when inserting it in a page.

To complete the asp:DropDownList dialog box:

  1. In the ID text box, enter the name you want to give the form control.

    The ID is required.

  2. Specify any of the following options:

    DataSet specifies the data source you want to use to populate the items of the list control. If you don’t specify a DataSet, you can specify one later or set the list items statically by clicking the List Items button in the Property inspector.

    Get Labels From specifies the field in the selected DataSet to provide the labels of the list items.

    Get Values From specifies the field in the selected DataSet to provide the values of the list items.

    Select Value Equal To specifies a value the server uses to determine which list item is selected when the DropDownList is displayed in a browser. The server compares each item’s value to the specified value. If the values match, the matching item is selected.

    Access Key creates a keyboard shortcut that allows users to quickly navigate to the form control in a browser. For example, if you enter K, the user can navigate to the control by typing Alt+K. The access key can only consist of a single character.

    Auto Postback indicates whether a postback to the server automatically occurs when the user changes the list selection. Select the option to allow postbacks.

  3. Click OK.

For more information on ASP.NET DropDownList properties, see the documentation on the Microsoft website at

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