Inserting ColdFusion form controls

Inserting ColdFusion form controls

You can use the Insert bar or Insert menu to quickly insert ColdFusion form controls into a ColdFusion form.

These enhancements are only available if you have access to a computer running ColdFusion MX 7 or later. For more information, see Enabling the ColdFusion enhancements.

You should create a blank ColdFusion form before inserting controls in it. For more information, see Creating ColdFusion forms. If you don’t create a blank form and attempt to insert a control, Dreamweaver asks you if you want to create one.

This section contains the following topics:

  • Inserting ColdFusion text fields
  • Inserting ColdFusion hidden fields
  • Inserting ColdFusion text areas
  • Inserting ColdFusion buttons
  • Inserting ColdFusion checkboxes
  • Inserting ColdFusion radio buttons
  • Inserting ColdFusion select boxes
  • Inserting ColdFusion image fields
  • Inserting ColdFusion file fields

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