Validating ColdFusion form data

Validating ColdFusion form data

You can build ColdFusion forms in Dreamweaver that check the contents of specified fields to ensure the user entered the correct data type.

This Dreamweaver enhancement is only available if you have access to a computer running ColdFusion MX 7 or later. For more information, see Enabling the ColdFusion enhancements.

To validate ColdFusion form data:

  1. Create a ColdFusion form that includes at least one input field and one Submit button.

    Make sure that every ColdFusion field that you want to validate has a unique name.

  2. Select a field in the form that you want to validate.
  3. In the Property inspector, specify how you want to validate the field.

The lower part of each input Property inspector contains controls to help you define the specific validation rule. For example, you might want to specify that a text field should contain a telephone number. To do this, you select Telephone from the Value pop-up menu in the Property inspector. You can also specify when to validate from the Validate At pop-up menu.

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