Setting CFForm properties (ColdFusion)

Setting CFForm properties (ColdFusion)

Use this Property inspector to set the properties of a ColdFusion form.

To set the CFForm properties:

  • Set any of the following options in the Property inspector:

    CFForm sets the name of the form.

    Action lets you specify the name of the ColdFusion page to be processed when the form is submitted.

    Method lets you define the method that the browser uses to send the form data to the server:

    • POST sends the data using the HTTP post method; this method sends the data in a separate message to the server.
    • GET sends the data using the HTTP get method, placing the form field contents in the URL query string.

    Target lets you to modify the value of the target attribute of the cfform tag.

    Encoding Type specifies the encoding method used for transmitting the form data.

    Format determines what kind of form will be created, as follows:

    • HTML generates an HTML form and sends it to the client. The cfgrid and cftree child controls can be in Flash or applet format.
    • Flash generates a Macromedia Flash form and sends it to the client. All controls are in Flash format.
    • XForm generates XForms XML and puts the results in a variable with the ColdFusion form name. Does not send anything to the client. The cfgrid and cftree child controls can be in Flash or applet format.

    Style lets you specify a style for the form. For more information, see the ColdFusion documentation.

    Flash/XML Skin lets you specify a Macromedia halo color to stylize the output. The theme determines the color used for highlighted and selected elements.

    Preserve Data determines whether to override the initial control values with submitted values when the form posts to itself.

    • If False, values specified in the control tag attributes are used.
    • If True, submitted values are used.

    Scripts src specifies the URL, relative to the web root, of the JavaScript file that contains client-side code used by the tag and its child tags. This attribute is useful if the file is not in the default location. This attribute may be required in some hosting environments and configurations that block access to the /CFIDE directory. The default location is set in the ColdFusion Administrator; by default, it is /CFIDE/scripts/cfform.js.

    Archive specifies the URL of downloadable Java classes for cfgrid, cfslider, and cftree applet controls. The default location is /CFIDE/classes/cfapplets.jar.

    Height specifies the height of the form.

    Width specifies the width of the form.

    Display Tag Editor lets you edit properties not listed in the Property inspector.

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