Setting the Form Element Properties dialog box options

Setting the Form Element Properties dialog box options

The purpose of this dialog box is to set properties for form elements on pages that let users update records in a database.

To set the dialog box options:

  1. Select either Manually or From Database, depending on how you plan to create the form element.
  2. Click the Plus (+) button to add an element.
  3. Enter a label and value for the element.
  4. In the Select Value Equal To text box, if you want a particular element selected when the page opens in a browser or when a record displays in the form, enter a value equal to the element’s value.

    You can enter a static value or you can specify a dynamic value by clicking the lightning bolt icon, then selecting a dynamic value from the list of data sources. In either case, the value you specify should match one of the element’s values.

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