Building web pages that use ColdFusion components

Building web pages that use ColdFusion components

One way to use a component function in your web pages is to write code in the page that invokes the function when the page is requested. You can use Dreamweaver to help you write this code.

To use a ColdFusion component in a web page:

  1. In Dreamweaver, open the ColdFusion page that will use the component function.
  2. Switch to Code view (View > Code).
  3. Open the Components panel (Window > Components), then select CF Components from the panel’s pop-up menu.
  4. Find the component you want and insert it using one of the following techniques:
    • Drag a function from the tree view to the page. Dreamweaver inserts code in the page to invoke the function.
    • Select the function in the panel and click the Insert button on the panel toolbar (the second button on the right). Dreamweaver inserts the code in the page at the insertion point.
  5. If you insert a function that has arguments, complete the argument code by hand.

    For more information, see the ColdFusion documentation from within Dreamweaver (Help > Using ColdFusion).

  6. Save the page (File > Save).

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