Building pages to update a record (PHP)

Building pages to update a record (PHP)

Your application can contain a set of pages that lets users update existing records in a database table. The pages normally consist of a search page, a results page, and an update page. The search and results page let users retrieve the record and the update page lets users modify the record.

This section describes the steps to build pages to update a record:

  • Searching for the record to update (PHP)
  • Creating the links to open the update page (PHP)
  • Creating a URL parameter for the links (PHP)
  • Retrieving the record to update (PHP)
  • Completing the update page in one operation (PHP)
  • Completing the update page block by block (PHP)

Related topics

  • Building a record insert page (all servers)
  • Building pages to delete a record (PHP)

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