Creating a document based on a Dreamweaver design file

Creating a document based on a Dreamweaver design file

Dreamweaver comes with several professionally developed page layout and design element files. You can use these design files as starting points for designing pages in your sites. When you create a document based on a design file, Dreamweaver creates a copy of the file.

To create a new document from a Dreamweaver design file:

  1. Select File > New.

    The New Document dialog box appears. The General tab is already selected.

  2. In the Category list, select CSS Style Sheets, Table Based Layouts, Page Designs (CSS), Page Designs, or Page Designs (Accessible); then select a design file from the list on the right.

    You can preview a design file and read a brief description of a document’s design elements.

    For more information about options in this dialog box, see Setting options in the General tab of the New Document dialog box.

  3. Click the Create button.

    The new document opens in the Document window. If you selected a CSS style sheet, the CSS document appears in the Document window and the CSS Style Sheet opens in Code view.

  4. Save the document (see Saving a new document).

    If the file contains links to asset files, the Copy Dependent Files dialog box appears for you to save a copy of the dependent files.

  5. If the Copy Dependent Files dialog box appears, set options, then click Copy to copy the assets to the selected folder.

    You can choose your own location for the dependent files or use the default folder location Dreamweaver generates (based on the design file’s source name).

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