Setting options for the Clean Up Word HTML dialog box

Setting options for the Clean Up Word HTML dialog box

The purpose of this dialog box is to remove extraneous HTML code created by Microsoft Word.

To clean up Microsoft Word HTML:

  1. Select which options in the Basic tab the feature should use:

    Remove All Word Specific Markup removes all Microsoft Word-specific HTML, including XML from HTML tags, Word custom meta data and link tags in the head of the document, Word XML markup, conditional tags and their contents, and empty paragraphs and margins from styles. You can select each of these options individually using the Detailed tab.

    Clean up CSS removes all Word-specific CSS, including inline CSS styles when possible (where the parent style has the same style properties), style attributes beginning with "mso," non-CSS style declarations, CSS style attributes from tables, and all unused style definitions from the head. You can further customize this option using the Detailed tab.

    Clean up <font> Tags removes HTML tags, converting the default body text to size 2 HTML text.

    Fix Invalidly Nested Tags removes the font markup tags inserted by Word outside the paragraph and heading (block-level) tags.

    Set Background Color allows you to enter a hexadecimal value to set the background color of your document. If you do not set a background color, your Word HTML page will have a gray background. The default hexadecimal value set by Dreamweaver is white.

    Apply Source Formatting applies the source formatting options you specify in HTML Format preferences and SourceFormat.txt to the document.

    Show Log on Completion displays an alert box with details about the changes made to the document as soon as the cleanup is finished.

  2. Click the Detailed tab if you want to further customize the Remove All Word Specific Markup and Clean up CSS options.
  3. Click OK.

    Depending on the size of your document and the number of options selected, it may take several seconds to complete the cleanup. The preferences you entered are automatically saved as the default Clean Up Word HTML settings.

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