Navigating dialog boxes

Navigating dialog boxes

You can use the keyboard to navigate dialog boxes.

To navigate a dialog box:

  1. Press the Tab key to move through the options in a dialog box.
  2. (Windows) Use the arrow keys to move through choices for an option.

    For example, if an option has a pop-up menu, move focus to that option, and then use the down arrow to move through the choices.

  3. If the dialog box has a Category list, press Control+Tab (Windows) or Option+Tab (Macintosh) to shift focus to the category list, and then use the arrow keys to move up or down the list.
  4. Press Control+Tab (Windows) or Option+Tab (Macintosh) again to shift to the options for a category.
  5. Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh) to exit the dialog box.

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