Planning your site

Planning your site

Planning and organizing your site carefully from the start can save you time later on. Organizing your site includes not only determining where the files will go, but also examining site requirements, audience profiles, and site goals. Additionally, you should consider technical requirements such as user access, as well as browser, plug-in, and download restrictions.

Once you’ve organized your information and determined a structure, you can begin creating your site.

  • Use the Dreamweaver Files panel to set up your site’s organizational structure. In the Files panel, you can easily add, delete, and rename files and folders to change the organization as needed. (See Setting Up a Dreamweaver Site and Managing Your Files.)
  • You can begin to create simple pages which you’ll later turn into more complex designs. Create new blank pages or pages based on predesigned page designs. (See Creating and Opening Documents.)

If you work on a web-development team, you may also be interested in these topics:

  • Set up a system to prevent team members from overwriting files. (See Checking in and checking out files.)
  • Use Design Notes to communicate with web team members. (See Storing file information in Design Notes.)

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