Setting the Site Definition Wizard Testing Files options

Setting the Site Definition Wizard Testing Files options

The purpose of this dialog box is to specify a URL prefix so Dreamweaver can use your testing server to display data and connect to databases while you work. A URL prefix comprises the domain name and any of your website’s home directory’s subdirectories or virtual directories.

To specify a URL prefix:

  1. Enter the URL that users type in their browsers to open your web application, but do not include any filename.

    Suppose your application’s URL is In this case, you would enter the following URL prefix:

    If Dreamweaver runs on the same computer as your web server, you can use the term localhost as a stand-in for your domain name. For example, suppose your application’s URL is buttercup_pc/mycoolapp/start.jsp. Then, you can enter the following URL prefix: http://localhost/mycoolapp/.

  2. Click Test URL to ensure that your URL works.

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