Setting up a new Dreamweaver site

Setting up a new Dreamweaver site

After you plan your site structure, or if you already have an existing site, you should define a site in Dreamweaver before you start developing. Setting up a Dreamweaver site is a way to organize all of the documents associated with a website. For more information, see About Dreamweaver sites.

After you set up a Dreamweaver site, it’s a good idea to export the site so that you have a local backup copy. For more information, see Importing and exporting sites.

To set up a Dreamweaver site:

  1. Select Site > Manage Sites.

    The Manage Sites dialog box appears.

  2. Click the New button.

    The Site Definition dialog box appears.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click the Basic tab to use the Site Definition Wizard, which steps you through the setup process.
    • Click the Advanced tab to use the Advanced settings, which enable you to set up local, remote, and testing folders individually, as necessary.
  4. Complete the Dreamweaver site setup process:
    • For the Site Definition Wizard, answer the questions on each screen, then click Next to advance through the setup process or click Back to return to a previous screen.
    • For Advanced settings, complete the Local Info category, the RemoteInfo category, and the Testing Server category, as necessary (see Using the Advanced settings to set up a Dreamweaver site).

If you are setting up a Dreamweaver site for a web application, see Setting Up a Web Application.

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