Using the Advanced settings to set up a Dreamweaver site

Using the Advanced settings to set up a Dreamweaver site

You can use the Advanced settings of the Site Definition dialog box to set up a Dreamweaver site. The Advanced settings enable you to set up local, remote, and testing (for processing dynamic pages) folders individually, as necessary. This method is recommended for users who have experience with using Dreamweaver.

If you are new to Dreamweaver, you can use the Site Definition Wizard, instead of the Advanced settings, to guide you through the setup process. (See Setting up a new Dreamweaver site.)

If you are setting up a Dreamweaver site for a web application, skip this section and see Setting Up a Web Application.

This section covers the following topics:

  • Setting up a local folder
  • Setting up a remote folder
  • Troubleshooting the remote folder setup

Related topics

  • About Dreamweaver sites
  • Specifying where dynamic pages can be processed

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