Setup checklists for ColdFusion developers

Setup checklists for ColdFusion developers

To set up a web application, you must configure your system, define a Dreamweaver site, and connect to a database. This section provides checklists for each task. The tasks are described in more detail in the rest of the chapter.

Configure your system:

  1. Install the ColdFusion application server (which includes a web server).
  2. Create a root folder.

Define a Dreamweaver site:

  1. Copy the sample files to a folder on your hard disk.
  2. Define the folder as a Dreamweaver local folder.
  3. Define a web server folder as a Dreamweaver remote folder.
  4. Specify a folder to process dynamic pages.
  5. Upload the sample files to the web server.

Connect to the database:

  1. If you’re using a remote computer as a server, copy the sample database to the remote computer.
  2. Create the connection in Dreamweaver.

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