Setup for Sample PHP Site

Setup for Sample PHP Site

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 comes with sample PHP pages to let you build a small web application. This chapter describes one way to set up the sample application using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). For more information on this web server, see Installing a Web Server. If you’re using a different web server, see Setting Up a Web Application in Using Dreamweaver.

If you’re a Macintosh user, you can either connect to a remote PHP server or develop PHP sites locally using the Apache web server and PHP application server installed with your operating system. For setup information, see the following websites:


Setting up a web application is a three-step process. First, configure your system. Second, define a Dreamweaver site. Third, connect the application to your database. This setup guide follows this three-step process.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Setup checklists for PHP developers

Configuring your system (PHP)

Defining a Dreamweaver site (PHP)

Connecting to the sample database (PHP)

Getting Started with Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver Basics
Working with Dreamweaver Sites
Laying Out Pages
Adding Content to Pages
Working with Page Code
Preparing to Build Dynamic Sites
Making Pages Dynamic
Developing Applications Rapidly