Before you begin

Before you begin

You must set up your Dreamweaver work environment for application development before you can complete this tutorial. For setup information, see the appropriate setup chapter for your application server in the following list. If you’re not sure which application server you use, ask your system administrator.

  • Setup for Sample ColdFusion Site
  • Setup for Sample ASP.NET Site
  • Setup for Sample ASP Site
  • Setup for Sample JSP Site
  • Setup for Sample PHP Site

These setup chapters teach you how to complete the following tasks:

  • Configure your system.
  • Configure Dreamweaver to work with your chosen application server.
  • Define a connection to the database.

You can’t complete this tutorial until you’ve completed those tasks.

The screen shots in this tutorial show Macromedia ColdFusion dialog boxes. However, you can complete the lessons in this tutorial by using any of the server models that Dreamweaver supports.

Getting Started with Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver Basics
Working with Dreamweaver Sites
Laying Out Pages
Adding Content to Pages
Working with Page Code
Preparing to Build Dynamic Sites
Making Pages Dynamic
Developing Applications Rapidly