Convert an HTML page to an XSLT page

Convert an HTML page to an XSLT page

You’ll begin by converting the existing specials page for Cafe Townsend--an HTML page--into an XSLT page that can display XML data.

  1. In the Files panel (Window > Files), locate the xml_menu.html, and double-click the file to open it. The xml_menu.html file is located in the xml folder, inside the cafe_townsend root folder. For more information, see Locate your files.
  2. Select File > Convert > XSLT 1.0.

    This is a picture of the feature being described.

    Dreamweaver opens a copy of the xml_menu page in the Document window. The new page is an XSL style sheet, saved with the .xsl extension.

  3. Click on the xml_menu.html page and close it so that only the new xml_menu.xsl page is displayed in the Document window.

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